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We at SPD have the honor of distributing nearly 400 small presses that help us achieve our mission of increasing access and connection among authors, readers, and communities. This month, we bring Red Mountain Press into the spotlight so you can learn a little more about them and what they publish. The literary world would be far less diverse, dynamic, and, well, exciting without these presses we love.


Red Mountain Press believes that there is a wonderful variety of engaging literary work being made today. Readers are avid for art, poetry, and literature that illuminate our world with beauty and meaningful ideas.  This work finds a home at Red Mountain Press. Red Mountain Press releases are as beautiful as their contents. The emphasis will always be on quality and relevance to contemporary life.



Poetry. A new collection from this renowned and prolific poet. "I have always been a fan of George Looney's poetry, and this new collection might be his best yet. He's on constant high alert, noticing what so many of us miss—the beautiful, poignant moments that can lift and sustain us, the moments that leave us wondering and in wonder. Looney, always the empathetic observer, weaves a wistful spell in this compelling collection, one dazzling poem after another. He gets to the hearts of all living things on earth, and to the heart of the earth itself—half moon, half water."—Jim Daniels

Poetry. 2018 Foreword Indies Finalist for Poetry. "As prolific as he is talented, Jim Daniels gets my vote for 'the hardest-working man in poetry.' His poems are honest, straightforward, full of insight, wit, and good will, and grounded firmly in the human and humane. THE MIDDLE AGES finds him back at work in the mines of daily life where, as he has done for years, he extracts, for our enjoyment, nugget after nugget, gem after gem."—Charles Harper Webb

Literary Nonfiction. Memoir. Women's Studies. DRAWING THE LINE is the story of personal adventure and redemption, tracing a life lived continually on the edge between chaos and harmony, tragedy and joy. Beyond her recounting of extraordinary places and events, Susan Gardner gives us a perceptive, generational voice. She recalls pivotal decades of societal change and touches on basic themes of human experience that are universal and timeless. Spanning six decades and various countries of East Asia, Europe and Mexico, it tells of a precocious child driven to excel and to escape a turbulent, combative home life. We experience the struggles and accomplishments of a uniquely gifted woman as she overcomes official strictures and domestic discord to become an accomplished artist. Ultimately, we see her break free of old patterns and constraints to live the joyous complexity of personal fulfillment and the promise of a new beginning.

Poetry. "Hers is a looking glass world. Vera Kroms tells her truth at a quizzical slant with a bias toward the beautiful... Accomplished and astonishing as they are, these poems are not entirely at home in her adopted language. Like war orphans exiled to an innocent shore, they distrust the sanguine and exult in irony...this collection of poems [is] carved by a fierce and uncompromising wit. The poet has lost perhaps a language, but the reader has gained thereby a cabinet of wonders."—Marc Hudson

Poetry. Every story is at heart a theft from what was previously told and written. Each time the story is shared something changes, something is new, something is lost, something in our view of who we are is unsettled and unsettles the present day assumptions, and, if we are lucky a new world rises up. To paraphrase Heraclitus, You cannot step into the same story twice. These tales have been made new but also made wild, rising above common sense to glorify the uncommon sense, liberating Sisyphus, saving Jack and Jill from another tumble into a monotonous ennui.

Poetry. Winner of the Red Mountain Poetry Prize. In SONGS FOR SOLO VOICE, award-winning poet James R. Whitley trains his artistic sights unflinchingly on the experiences of desire, betrayal, loss, and other matters of the heart. Throughout this breathtaking collection, the poems radiate an undeniable heat even as they continue their exacting investigation with a cool lucidity. Vaulting expertly through a wide array of poetic forms, the collection reveals a creative spirit at play, despite the serious subject matter. With uplifting music and a distinctive voice, the poet gifts us with these able-bodied verses, these sturdy songs of resilience to guide us through the wreckage of relationships gone wrong and mine the debris for enduring nuggets of hope.

Poetry. African & African American Studies. Women's Studies. Winner of the Red Mountain Discovery Award. Monica Prince's INSTRUCTIONS FOR TEMPORARY SURVIVAL suggests a path that moves one from suffering to healing. The poems tackle historical trauma, racism, rape, and depression—all explain that pain is meant to inform, not define, one's life. Rather than ask us to live in a constant state of survival, or give up entirely, this collection shows the many ways we can save ourselves, while revealing the secrets that require a rescue in the first place.

Poetry. Winner of the Red Mountain Discovery Award for a first book. Roosting crows trace "a memory of abundance." Stars speak and then fall silent. A coyote will not be reduced to a prop. Saints are tested, composers come unstrung, and trees transform into totems. The interplay of art and nature, of culture and climate, lies at the heart of this award-winning collection. Tessa Kale deftly ranges from Hudson River scenes past and present to Neolithic Europe, from nineteenth-century Hamburg brothels to 1970s performance art, and from inside a beehive to the farthest celestial reaches, in poems that capture the wonder and fragility of worlds without and within, and the sheer "joy of flying sideways."


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