1. All the Comfort Sin Can Provide by Grant Faulkner (Black Lawrence Press)
  2. Fugitives of the Heart by William Gay (Livingston Press)
  3. The Violence Almanac by Miah Jeffra (Black Lawrence Press)
  4. The Cheap-Eaters by Thomas Bernhard, Translated by Douglas Robertson (Spurl Editions)
  5. Worsted by Garielle Lutz (Short Flight/Long Drive Books)
  6. Exposition by Nathalie Leger (Dorothy, a publishing project)
  7. Nudes by Elle Nash (Short Flight/Long Drive Books)
  8. GHOSTS OF AMERICA by Caroline Hagood (Hanging Loose Press)
  9. You're the Only Friend I Need by Alejandro Heredia (Gold Line Press)
  10. The Stone Sister by Caroline Patterson (Black Lawrence Press)
  11. The White Dress by Nathalie Leger (Dorothy, a publishing project)
  12. Where the Sky Meets the Ocean and the Air Tastes Like Metal and the Birds Don't Make a Sound by Mike Kleine and Dan Hoy (Trnsfr Books)
  13. Crazy Horse's Girlfriend (Second Edition) by Erika T. Wurth (Astrophil Press)
  14. Best Microfiction 2021, Edited by Meg Pokrass, Gary Fincke and Amber Sparks (Pelekinesis)
  15. Before Stonewall by Edward M. Cohen (Awst Press)
  16. Last Stop on the 6 by Patricia Dunn (Bordighera Press)
  17. A Window to Zeewijk by Marino Magliani, Translated by Zachary Scalzo (Bordighera Press)
  18. DoveLion: A Fairy Tale for Our Times by Eileen R. Tabios (AC Books)
  19. Catching a Memory by Judith Shaw (Summer Press)
  20. Fire & Water: Stories from the Anthropocene, Edited by Mary Fifield and Kristin Thiel (Black Lawrence Press)
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