This year's American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) Bookfair is virtual, but that won't stop us from sharing our love for translations! Below are 21 outstanding translated works spanning continents, backgrounds, and cultural borders. In lieu of an in-person event, we hope you'll take a look at these terrific titles to help us celebrate the important work done by translation presses.

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Hocine Tandjaoui
Teresa Villa-Ignacio (Translator)
Olivia C. Harrison (Translator)
Litmus Press

Literary Nonfiction. African & African American Studies. Music. Translated by Olivia C. Harrison and Teresa Villa-Ignacio. Artwork by Julie Simon-Titecat. Hocine Tandjaoui's poetic memoir, CLAMOR, is a gripping testimonial to the transnational solidarities forged across the decolonizing world in the 1950s and 60s, from the rarely heard perspective of a child. Set against the backdrop of one of the bloodiest wars of decolonization, CLAMOR offers an account of the colonial soundscape and a dazzling poetic evocation of Tandjaoui's discovery of African-American music during his childhood in colonized Algeria. A gorgeously written and translated poetic text or "proème," CLAMOR reckons with the music that shaped Tandjaoui's childhood, the soundtrack of the Black liberation movements in the US, and the voices of artists of the African diaspora that rise above the din of war, becoming the soundbox and sounding board of decolonization in Algeria.
Presented bilingually in French and English.

Valerie Mejer Caso
Michelle Gil-Montero (Translator)
Action Books

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Translated by Michelle Gil-Montero. A book-length epitaph for her late brother Charlie, Valerie Mejer Caso's EDINBURGH NOTEBOOK is a captivating, startling expression of grief. Following a trail of breadcrumbs, Mejer Caso's poems shift between memories, cities, philosophies, echoes and landscapes of quicksand, oceans, deserts, apocalypse. Featuring photographs by Barry Shapiro, EDINBURGH NOTEBOOK contains a profound archive of cultural history coursing with elliptical, illuminating poems. "Even without being / you are what exists and what does not exist, / the looming night."

Except for This Unseen Thing
Ra'ad Abdulqadir
Mona Kareem (Translator)
Ugly Duckling Presse

Poetry. Published in Baghdad in 2006, Falcon with Sun Overhead and The Age of Entertainment inspired a new generation of Iraqi poets, charmed by Ra'ad's ability to write tender poems in times of destruction and fury. While many of his peers were writing poems about battlefields and faraway exiles, Ra'ad was looking closer in, at the loneliness of those left behind. Hailed for its cinematic portrait of Iraq under sanctions—the bread queues, busy cemeteries, empty schools, and the impossible departures and returns, Ra'ad's work commemorates the wonders of a city staying still, one blink at a time. EXCEPT FOR THIS UNSEEN THREAD, the first collection of Ra'ad's work in English translation, is comprised of poems selected from both titles, with an introduction by the translator.

Lucia Estrada
Olivia Lott (Translator)
Eulalia Books

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Women's Studies. Translated by Olivia Lott. Finalist for the 2020 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation. Lucía Estrada's KATABASIS, winner of the 2017 Bogotá Poetry Prize, is the first full collection of poetry by a Colombian woman to be translated into English. It takes its title from the Greek word for descent, referring to both classical knowledge quests into the underworld by epic heroes and, more broadly, to any journey into madness, darkness, the unknown. A three-part plunge into the darkness of the world, and of the mind, Estrada's prose poems depict the night, the subconscious, and the surreal. Olivia Lott's seminal translation tracks the mercurial tempos and intertextualities of the poems, as it captures the double valence of political dissent and katabatic descent. This book reminds us that darkness is a space of enlightenment.

Danielle Collobert
Nathanael (Translator)
Litmus Press
Poetry. Drama. Film. Translated by Nathanaël. IN THE ENVIRONS OF A FILM collects together three previously untranslated works by Danielle Collobert, the author of MURDER and IT THEN. The works here, selected by the translator, see slowly, are scorings of scattered voices, and take the form of a scenario—"Research"—a radio play—"Polyphony"—and a poem—"That of Words."

Marosa di Giorgio
Jeannine Marie Pitas (Translator)
Cardboard House Press

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Women's Studies. Translated by Jeannine Marie Pitas. "This new collection by Marosa di Giorgio, long considered a major figure in Latin American literature, is the work of a translator who has immersed herself, with great thoughtfulness and dedication, in the life of a writer whose poetry is foreboding, mystical, dangerous and magnificent. Everywhere in di Giorgio's oeuvre, there are wars, crimes, monsters, possessed plants and animals, ghosts, illnesses and miracles animating a world that is always on the verge of explosion. Di Giorgio's writing is as foreboding as it is tentacular, as intricate as it is unsettling. Jeannine Marie Pitas' ongoing and remarkable engagement with di Giorgio has brought us an exciting and valuable gift."—Daniel Borzutzky

Bewildered: Love Poems from Translation of Desires
Muhyiddin Ibn al-'Arabi
Michael Sells (Translator)
The Post-Apollo Press / Litmus Press

Poetry. Middle Eastern Studies. Translated from the Arabic by Michael Sells. BEWILDERED contains new translations of Ibn al-'Arabī Tarjuman poems in modern poetic English. The translator of a highly praised volume of pre-Islamic qasidas, Desert Tracings, and STATIONS OF DESIRE, the first renderings of Ibn al-'Arabī Tarjuman, Michael A. Sells carries into his translations the supple, resonant quality of the original Arabic, so that the poems come to life in English.

Lisa Samuels & Sawako Nakayasu, Editors
 Litmus Press

Poetry. Pacific Studies. California Interest. Asian & Asian American Studies. The polylingual works in A TRANSPACIFIC POETICS conceive ocean as consequence, map, identity, visibility, invisibility, and the embodiment of cultural imaginaries layered over by histories of colonization in the globalized present. This collection of poetry, essays, and poetics is committed to transcultural experimental witness in both hemispheres of the Pacific and Oceania. Each piece is a unique intervention that considers the possibilities of meaning in and of the Pacific, the contentious prefix "trans-," and the intersections between place, politics, and language. What is the work of poetics in the midst of language in crisis, under continuous threat of being emptied out of meaning? How do we shape discourses of rights and equality that work against and through destructive fragmentations and fruitful internal differences when we consider "trans" in terms of water, land, borders, the body, and the state?

Hugo Garcia Manriquez
Litmus Press/Aldus Editorial

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Second Edition. In 2010 Hugo García Manríquez set out to work through the North American Free Trade Agreement in Spanish and English. The result is a bilingual artifact that interrupts and re-politicizes NAFTA's neoliberal language, becoming a space of transnational encounter that strangely falls on the same continuum as the work of 19th-century naturalist Alexander von Humboldt—a continuum upon which the institutions of Law and Science dream of stabilizing the flux of contingency into the language of the market. No longer univocal in meaning, the remains in ANTI-HUMBOLDT resist being situated, makes evident the madness of language and rationality words that—to echo George Oppen—"have run mad / In the subways / And of course the institutions / And the banks."

Maria Attanasio
Carla Billitteri (Translator)
Litmus Press

Poetry. Bilingual Edition. Translated from the Italian by Carla Billiteri. Finalist for the 2015 National Translation Award in Poetry. AMNESIA OF THE MOVEMENT OF CLOUDS & OF RED AND BLACK VERSE, two books published in a single volume, is the first full-length English translation of work by contemporary Sicilian poet Maria Attanasio. Drawing on her training as a philosopher and deep reader of German Expressionist and French Surrealist poetry, her visionary work dwells on contemporary selfhood in a technologically driven age, reflecting how such selfhood is set against the desolate political and existential void of a new century, one she describes as "the god of...indifference,""the great amnesia." Attanasio's landscapes are as dreamlike as they are realistic, darkened by poverty, death, inequality and illegal immigration, carved by a sculptural language that seeks to uncover the historical and political strata of everyday life.

Isabelle Garron
Sarah Riggs (Translator)
Litmus Press

Poetry. Translated from the French by Sarah Riggs. "Isabelle Garron's FACE BEFORE AGAINST is characterized by a paradoxical duality, being a collection of long, fluid poems made up of compact, minimal texts. This juxtaposition creates a compositional tension that is sustained throughout the work, which oscillates in its method between intellectual rigor on the one hand, and intimate, almost sensuous perception on the other. Also characteristic of Garron's poetry is the understated presence of the visual arts, which inform her writing in both its subject matter and in its thoughtful approach to formal structure and typographic detail. In my opinion, FACE BEFORE AGAINST is one of the most compelling works of French poetry to have been published in recent years. We have Sarah Riggs to thank for making it available to Anglophone readers."—Guy Bennett

Ayane Kawata
Sawako Nakayasu (Translator)
Litmus Press

Poetry. East Asia Studies. Finalist for the 2011 Best Translated Book Award in Poetry. Translated from the Japanese by Sawako Nakayasu. Cover art by Mauro Zamora. TIME OF SKY & CASTLES IN THE AIR is the first full-length translation of Ayane Kawata's poetry to be published in English. This single volume contains Kawata's first book of poems, Time of Sky (first published in Japanese by Kumo Publishers, 1969), and her sixth, Castles in the Air: A Dream Journal (first published in Japanese by Shoshi Yamada, 1991).

Nicole Cecilia Delgado
Carina del Valle Schorske (Translator)
Ugly Duckling Presse

Literary Nonfiction. Essay. Translated by Carina del Valle Schorske. Starting with Ulises Carrión's claim that "there is no art and life, but rather only life," Nicole Delgado's essay wonders how to live a life of poetry, and explores several paths of artistic existence. As she moves through her life in New York, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, a variety of communities, economies, books, book fairs, publishers, makers, artists, and poets people her scenes and life. Through these travels and engagements, Delgado proposes that poetry is the basic unit of the project, the project of living a life in communities, with dignity and joy.

Patricia Hartland (Translator)
Senal (Ugly Duckling Presse, BOMB Magazine, Libros Antena)

Poetry. LIBERAMERICA's world is one full of ancestors and other creatures, a liminal space between languages, life and death, male and female, land and water, body and spirit. A territory of rituals and relations brought into being within the dynamic linguistic multiverse for which Monchoachi is best known. LIBERAMERICA is an archipelago of throats powering a flood of voices, sonically saturating and bursting through limitations of standard language. LIBERAMERICA is an excerpt from part one of Monchoachi's two-volume collection, Lémistè (Partition noire et bleue) ['Mistry (Black and Blue Partition)].

Ezequiel Zaidenwerg and Carmen Amengual (Illustrator)
Robin Myers (Translator)
Cardboard House Press

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Art. Translated by Robin Myers. Illustrated by Carmen Amengual. "Ambitiously and with turbulent energy, Ezequiel Zaidenwerg takes on contemporary history and its uneasy relation to and representation by lyric poetry. Wary of old mythologies, Zaidenwerg nevertheless draws from them and from the bank of international literature to make this downpayment on a ferocious, self-conscious, and activist poetics for the 21st century."—Forrest Gander
"Zaidenwerg has a prosody that is both brutal and fragile. Every stroke of his syntax, in fertile tension with the images that accompany his poems, opens up the spectrum of possibility for observing and documenting the fleeting, disjointed, fucked-up world around us."—Valeria Luiselli

Jeannine Marie Pitas (Translator)
Veliz Books

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Translated by Jeannine Pitas, WE DO NOT LIVE IN VAIN is the sixth book of Uruguayan poet Selva Casal. Drawing upon her academic training in sociology and her experiences as a penal lawyer, Casal lays bare the stark realities of the human condition: our capacity for violence and cruelty as well as our profound ability to love and care for one another. With keen observation, deep pathos, and imaginative playfulness, these poems of witness are ultimately an affirmation of human life and dignity even in the face of humanity's worst tendencies. Originally published as No vivimos en vano in 1975 during Uruguay's military dictatorship, this book solidified Casal's reputation as a political dissident and led to her losing her job as a sociology professor at the Universidad de la República, Uruguay's most well-known university.

Uxio Novoneyra
Erin Moure (Translator)
Veliz Books

Poetry. Environmental Studies. THE UPLANDS: BOOK OF THE COUREL AND OTHER POEMS by the great Galician poet Uxío Novoneyra, translated by Erín Moure. Novoneyra is a poet and man of the land, and stands with Lorca as a poetic visionary of 20th century Spain. He was devoted to his region, the mountainous Courel, to its variant of Galician and to its names and ways, as well as to Galician culture as a whole, to the expression of all minority cultures and to freedom from imperialism, war, and economic expansionism. His œuvre—rich in sound, syllable, silence and gesture—reveals him as an eco-poet before the concept existed. Os Eidos [THE UPLANDS], first published in 1955 and still in print today, is his monumental work.

Ursula Andkjaer Olsen
Katrine Ogaard Jensen (Translator)
Action Books

Poetry. Women's Studies. Translated by Katrine Øgaard Jensen. "this is a shape I cannot remain in." With its mutant orbs of grief and technoscientific phenomena, Ursula Andkjær Olsen's OUTGOING VESSEL is the electrifying sequel to Katrine Øgaard Jensen's award-winning translation of THIRD MILLENNIUM HEART. The book-length mirror poem titled Udgående fartøj (OUTGOING VESSEL) received the Danish Critics Prize for Literature in 2015. Now, for the first time in English, a radically new and resilient voice emerges—an OUTGOING VESSEL—from an all-consuming darkness: "INSIDE ME THERE IS A NONDEGRADABLE ORB / MY OWN PLANET."

Choi Seungja
Won-Chung Kim (Translator)
Cathy Park Hong (Translator)
Action Books

Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. Translated by Won-Chung Kim and Cathy Park Hong. This volume selects poems of many decades by one of the most startling, distinctive, and influential feminist voices in contemporary Korean poetry. Against the limits society would erect around her, Choi Seungja's poetry trains a keen attention on everyday objects and situations until loneliness, time, emptiness, love, death and even brief-lived delight glow with uncanny luster. Won-Chung Kim and Cathy Park Hong's translations accentuate the simplicity and boldness of Choi's vision, her perfect aim.

Victor Rodriguez Nunez
Katherine M. Hedeen (Translator)

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Translated by Katherine M. Hedeen. Winner of Spain's Alfons el Magnànim Prize in 2013 and published the following year by the prestigious press Hiperión, Víctor Rodríguez Núñez's FROM A RED BARN is a compelling companion work and follow-up to the critically acclaimed TASKS, published by co-im-press in 2016. In this book-length sequence spanning seven sections of eleven poems each, Rodríguez Núñez reaffirms his stature as a globally engaged poet, by turns capably blending colloquial lyricism with an innovative compositional style that opens poems to a plurality of meaning-making and turns formal conventions inside out, fostering his vital and ongoing interrogation of how identity is actualized in the liminal space between homelands, ideologies, and hegemonic expectations. From this blending, a poetry of resistance emerges, ever at odds with imperialism, neocolonialism, racism, and xenophobia, while challenging and rethinking prevailing notions of otherness. Drawing on her extensive history translating the most revered Latin American poets, Katherine M. Hedeen transports FROM A RED BARN to English with a rich, artful translation that epitomizes her two decades mapping the trajectories of Rodríguez Núñez's substantial oeuvre.

Vicente Huidobro
Michael Leong (Translator)
Ignacio Infante (Translator)

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Inspired by the legend of Tristan and Isolde, Vicente Huidobro's SKY-QUAKE: TREMOR OF HEAVEN is a stunning prose poem driven by a relentless seismic energy that takes metaphor-making and image-building to unimaginable heights. Originally published in Madrid in 1931 under the title Temblor de cielo and in Paris in 1932 as Tremblement de ciel, this groundbreaking text stands as one of the most significant bilingual poems of twentieth-century letters. Part love poem, part surrealist narrative, and part philosophical treatise, SKY-QUAKE: TREMOR OF HEAVEN is intimately connected to Huidobro's better-known masterwork Altazor (1931) and stands as a major achievement in Latin American avant-garde poetry, again proving Huidobro's stature among the four giants of Chilean poetry, where he stands shoulder to shoulder with Nobel laureates Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, as well as his contemporary avant-gardist Pablo de Rokha. Released here for the first time in a trilingual edition with a translation that takes into account both the Spanish and French originals in its Englishing, SKY-QUAKE: TREMOR OF HEAVEN allows translators Ignacio Infante and Michael Leong to bring Huidobro's dynamic and wildly inventive poetic flights to new readers with verve and savvy. Not for the faint of heart and not to be missed!
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