1. Mother/land by Ananda Lima (Black Lawrence Press)
  2. Gravity Well by Marc Rahe (Rescue Press)
  3. Lovability by Emily Kendal Frey (Fonograf Editions)
  4. September 12 by Andrea Carter Brown (The Word Works)
  5. I Need Music by Anais Duplan (Action Books)
  6. Two Murals by Jesus Castillo (The Song Cave)
  7. MPH and Other Road Poems by Ed Roberson (Verge Books)
  8. Black Butterflies Over Baghdad by David Allen Sullivan (The Word Works)
  9. Hieroglyphs of the Inverted World by Rob Halpern (Kenning Editions)
  10. Returning the Sword to the Stone by Mark Leidner (Fonograf Editions)
  11. Piñata Theory by Alan Chazaro (Black Lawrence Press)
  12. We Prefer the Damned by Carlo Matos (Unbound Edition Press)
  13. No Doubt I Will Return A Different Man by Tobias Wray (Cleveland State University Poetry Center)
  14. Banana [       ] / we pilot the blood by Paul Hlava Ceballos, Quenton Baker, Christina Sharpe, & Torkwase Dyson (The 3rd Thing)
  15. Essential Voices: Poetry of Iran and Its Diaspora, Edited by Christopher Nelson (Green Linden Press)
  16. Master Suffering by CM Burroughs (Tupelo Press)
  17. Everything I Don't Know by Jerzy Ficowski, Translated by Jennifer Grotz and Piotr Sommer (World Poetry Books)
  18. Paper Romance by Arch Hades (Eyewear Publishing / Black Spring Press)
  19. All Morning the Crows by Meg Kearney (The Word Works)
  20. The Miracle Unfolds by Juana Rosa Pita, Translated by Erin Goodman (Song Bridge Project)

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