Small Press Distribution mourns the passing of Etel Adnan, a poet, artist, and icon in our community. Etel’s vision inspired countless writers and readers, and the vitality of her work will continue to do so. We join the community in mourning this loss and celebrating her brilliant life.

Our hearts go out to those who have carried and championed Etel's artwork and poetry, especially The Post-Apollo Press. It's been an honor for us here at SPD to help distribute her books for more than 40 years. Her brilliant legacy will continue to grow.

“Do what your inner soul tells you to do, regardless of any money or success it will bring you.” - Etel Adnan

Below is a selection of Etel Adnan works distributed by SPD. For a full list of Etel's work, click here. More information on Etel’s life and work is available at this link.

Sitt Marie Rose
Etel Adnan
Translated by Georgina Kleege
(The Post-Apollo Press, 1982)

The Spring Flowers Own & The Manifestations of the Voyage
Etel Adnan
(The Post-Apollo Press, 1990)

There: In the Light and the Darkness of the Self and of the Other
Etel Adnan
(The Post-Apollo Press, 1997)

The Arab Apocalypse
Etel Adnan
(The Post-Apollo Press, 2007)

Etel Adnan
(The Post-Apollo Press, 2008)

For a full list of Etel's work, click here.
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