1. Punks: New & Selected Poems by John Keene (The Song Cave)
  2. Returning the Sword to the Stone by Mark Leidner (Fonograf Editions)
  3. Wings in Time by Callie Garnett (The Song Cave)
  4. Wild Gods, Edited by Joel Peckham and Robert Vivian (New Rivers Press)
  5. Everything I Don't Know by Jerzy Ficowski, Translated by Jennifer Grotz and Piotr Sommer (World Poetry Books)
  6. Sift by Christian Hawkey (Action Books)
  7. Thirteen Quintets for Lois by Jay Wright (Flood Editions)
  8. On the Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing 50th Anniversary Edition, Edited by Ben Estes and Joel Weishaus
  9. MOTHER IS A BODY by Brandi Katherine Herrera (Fonograf Editions)
  10. Last Night I Aged a Hundred Years by Peter Grandbois (Ashland Poetry Press)
  11. And If the Woods Carry You by Erin Rodoni (Southern Indiana Review Press)
  12. The New Boma by Hung Q. Tu (Dogpark Collective)
  13. Tension: Rupture by Cutter Streeby, Illustrations by Michael Haight (Tupelo Press)
  14. Listen My Friend, This Is The Dream I Dreamed Last Night by Cody-Rose Clevidence (The Song Cave)
  15. The Light That Burns Us by Jazra Khaleed, Translated by Karen Van Dyck (World Poetry Books)
  16. Two Murals by Jesus Castillo (The Song Cave)
  17. A Shaman's Lament by Qu Yuan, Translated by Red Pine (Empty Bowl)
  18. Air Raid by Polina Barskova, Translated by Valzhyna Mort (Ugly Duckling Presse)
  19. No Small Comfort by Brian Simoneau (Black Lawrence Press)
  20. Vestigial by Aja Couchois Duncan (Litmus Press)


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