This is the home of SPD's official Publisher Handbook. This important resource is the best way to familiarize yourself with SPD's publisher policies and practices to ensure the success of your titles at SPD.

Since there are many, MANY versions of this handbook, this page will host the most up-to-date version of the handbook. So, if you're combing through a version of the handbook for information, please compare it to the version on this page to ensure the information you're reading is correct.

As each new version of the handbook is released, we will provide a list of updates and changes associated with it so older publishers know what to look for. For more helpful information on best practices with SPD, visit our publisher resources page.

Thanks again for working with Small Press Distribution.

Latest Handbook Version: 22
November, 2022 Updates & Changes:
- Corrected language on fees for excessive promotional copies (page 8)
August, 2022 Updates &

- Updated tradeshow listings to include PNBA and CALIBA (page 4)
- Added clarity around quarterly payments and scheduling (page 11)
- Updated printing options (page 13)
- Added link to BISAC codes (page 15)
- Alphabetized customer listings to make sections easier to navigate (page 16)
- Updated details about our partnership with (page 16)
August, 2021 Updates & Changes:
Added departmental contact email addresses (page 4: Contacts by Area of Responsibility)
- Updated SPD calendar year (page 4)

- Updated details on direct deposit (page 11)
- Adjusted information on Amazon and Ingram to keep current with their policies
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