APRIL 2022

  1. Borderlands / La Frontera: The New Mestiza 5th Edition by Gloria Anzaldúa (Aunt Lute)
  2. Punks: New & Selected Poems by John Keene (The Song Cave)
  3. The Year the City Emptied: After Baudelaire by Daisy Fried (Flood Editions)
  4. Leaving California by Mark Lanegan (Heartworm Press)
  5. Star Lake by Arda Collins (The Song Cave)
  6. Drive by Elaine Sexton (Grid Books)
  7. The Queen of Queens by Jennifer Martelli (Bordighera Press)
  8. Feelings Of And by Barry Schwabsky (Black Square Editions)
  9. They Can Take It Out by Cheryl Clark Vermeulen (The Word Works)
  10. Painting the Streets: Oakland Uprising in the Time of Rebellion, Edited by Michaela Mullin (Nomadic Press)
  11. Besiege Me by Nicholas Wong (Noemi Press)
  12. REVENGE BODY by Caleb Luna (Nomadic Press)
  13. RASA by Joanna Dominique Dwyer (Marsh Hawk Press)
  14. Poolside at the Dearborn Inn by Cal Freeman (R&R Press)
  15. Everything I Don't Know by Jerzy Ficowski, Translated by Jennifer Grotz and Piotr Sommer (World Poetry Books)
  16. Divine, Divine, Divine by Daniel B. Summerhill (Nomadic Press)
  17. Pee Poems by Lao Yang, Translated by Joshua Edwards and Lynn Xu (Circumference Books)
  18. Transverse by Lindsay Choi (Futurepoem Books)
  19. Sunset Cue by Angie Macri (Bordighera Press)
  20. Connotary by Ae Hee Lee (Bull City Press)

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