1. The Grand Promise by Rebekah Anderson (Empty Bowl)
  2. Flock Without Birds by Filip Dousek (Toito Publishing)
  3. Everything Is Totally Fine by Zac Smith (Muumuu House)
  4. Conscious Designs by Nathanial White (Miami University Press)
  5. Suburban Death Project by Aimee Parkison (Unbound Edition Press)
  6. JERKS by Sara Lippmann (Mason Jar Press)
  7. Math Class by Kelly Krumrie (Calamari Press)
  8. Math for the Self-Crippling by Ursula Villarreal-Moura (Gold Line Press)
  9. Copperhead Road by Brad Smith (At Bay Press)
  10. Dineh: An Autobiographical Novel by Ida Maze, Translated by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub (White Goat Press/Yiddish Book Center)
  11. 99 Miles from L.A. by P. David Ebersole (Pelekinesis)
  12. Three Prose Works by Else Lasker-Schüler, Translated by James J. Conway (Rixdorf Editions)
  13. O0 by Andrew Joron (Black Square Editions)
  14. Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy From Transgender Writers, Edited by Cat Fitzpatrick and Casey Plett (LittlePuss Press)
  15. Live Caught by R. Cathey Daniels (Black Lawrence Press)
  16. Splendid Anatomies by Allison Wyss (Veliz Books)
  17. Slow Reveal by Melanie Mitzner (Inanna Publications)
  18. The House of Grana Padano by Jeff Friedman and Meg Pokrass (Pelekinesis)
  19. Nudes by Elle Nash (Short Flight/Long Drive Books)
  20. Time: The Present - Selected Stories by Tess Slesinger (Boiler House Press)


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