Our August review highlights are here to help you find a summer read. Below you'll find reviews from LARB, Maudlin House, Rain Taxi, and more. To view previous review highlights, click this link to check out our archives.

peep by Danielle Blau | The Waywiser Press

"Blau’s poetics is as radical as it is entertaining, as charged with the unknown as it riddled with the quest to know."

   — Los Angeles Review of Books


Ex-Members by Tobias Carroll | Astrophil Press
"Centered around the brief lifespan of a local punk band called the Alphanumeric Murders, the book deftly shifts point of view and format from chapter to chapter while maintaining a sharp focus on how formative early relationships and events can determine and sometimes even enslave people for all the rest of their days.”
     Maudlin House


The Year the City Emptied by Daisy Fried | Flood Editions
"This is how a poet lives and works with language, both her own and foreign: thinking through its ebbs and flows, interacting in concurrent fashion with past and future ranges discovered across the scope of its possibilities in the present. And there are no rules, only markers for what needs be moved beyond: “I’m sure—no, I hope—I got many things wrong about the French. I take that as an achievement.” When the poem has all that is required, accuracy takes a backseat. With The Year the City Emptied, Fried has given the poem Everything."
   — Rain Taxi


Aeneid I-VI; VII-XII by Virgil, Translated by David Hadbawnik | Shearsman Books
"David Hadbawnik has made Virgil our guest in ways that other translators of the Aeneid have not. He has recast the poem in contemporary verse, in poetic forms that are innovative and visually compelling. Moreover, he has used form to offer insight into the action of the epic and into the minds of its actors."
   — Chicago Review


Pee Poems by Lao Yang, Translated by Joshua Edwards and Lynn Xu | Circumference Books
Translators Joshua Edwards and Lynn Xu deserve high praise for their beautiful and consistently clear, eminently readable, exciting and pleasant renderings of these lines from the Chinese, published in a handsome facing-page translation paperback by Circumference Books.”
Hong Kong Review of Books

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