1. Faltas: Letters to Everyone in My Hometown Who Isn't My Rapist by Cecilia Gentili (LittlePuss Press)
  2. My Love Is a Beast: Confessions by Alexander Cheves (Unbound Edition Press)
  3. Survivor's Guilt: Essays on Race and American Identity by Artress Bethany White (New Rivers Press)
  4. Soft-Boiled: An Investigation of Masculinity and The Writer's Life by Stephen J. West (Kelson Books)
  5. Journey to Mount Tamalpais, 2nd edition by Etel Adnan (The Post-Apollo Press / Litmus Press)
  6. Creativity: Where Poems Begin by Mary Mackey (Marsh Hawk Press)
  7. The FVN Handbook, Edited by the Fierce Vulnerability Network (Nomadic Press)
  8. The Quickening of Albizu Campos: How Fenianism Galvanized the Last American Liberator by Aoife Rivera Serrano (Ausubo Press)
  9. Ask for Horses: Memoir of a Dream-Guided Life by Tina Tau (Kelson Books)
  10. Letters by Stephen Ratcliffe & Barbara Guest (Chax Press)
  11. To Those Bounded by Donald Edem Quist (Awst Press)
  12. The Secret Adventures of Order by Vincent Czyz (Rain Mountain Press)
  13. Undertorah: An Earth-Based Kabbalah of Dreams by Jill Hammer (Ayin Press)
  14. Bloodtide: A New Holiday in Homage to Horseshoe Crabs by Eli Nixon (The 3rd Thing)
  15. Without Saints by Christopher Locke (Black Lawrence Press)
  16. Notes From the Road by Mike Ingram (Awst Press)
  17. The Contortionist Whispers by Will Alexander (Action Books)
  18. Typical of the Times: Growing Up in the Culture of Spectacle/What Was the Question Again? by Jaime Clarke and Charlie Martens (Roundabout Press)
  19. Power in the Tongue by Caitlyn Hunter (Tolsun Books)
  20. Unbound: Composing Home, Edited by Nayt Rundquist (New Rivers Press)

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