1. The Anchored World: Flash Fairy Tales and Folklore by Jasmine Sawers (Rose Metal Press)
  2. Because We Were Christian Girls by Virgie Townsend (Black Lawrence Press)
  3. Cora's Kitchen by Kimberly Garrett Brown (Inanna Publications)
  4. The Enhancers by Anne K. Yoder (Meekling Press)
  5. News of the Air by Jill Stukenberg (Black Lawrence Press)
  6. Gossip Girl Fanfic Novella by Charlie Markbreiter (Kenning Editions)
  7. Ex-Members by Tobias Carroll (Astrophil Press)
  8. Math for the Self-Crippling by Ursula Villarreal-Mourna (Gold Line Press)
  9. The New Low by Jennifer Lewis (Nomadic Press)
  10. Best Microfiction 2022, Edited by Meg Pokrass (Pelekinesis)
  11. Flight from Aleppo by Barry R. Schaller (Roundabout Press)
  12. Suburban Death Project by Aimee Parkison (Unbound Edition Press)
  13. Everything Is Totally Fine by Zac Smith (Muumuu House)
  14. Mongolian Horse by David E. Yee (Black Lawrence Press)
  15. The Desperado Days by X.C. Atkins (Trnsfr Books)
  16. Dineh: An Autobiographical Novel by Ida Maze, Translated by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub (White Goat Press / Yiddish Book Center)
  17. The Ballad of Cherrystroke and Other Stories by Melanie McGee Bianchi, Illustrations by Giuseppe Monterisi (Blackwater Press)
  18. Lesser American Boys by Zach VandeZande (Mason Jar Press)
  19. When the Mask Slips by Mark Ciabattari (Bordighera Press)
  20. damn near might still be is what it is by marcus scott williams (Noemi Press)


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