1. The Anchored World: Flash Fairy Tales and Folklore by Jasmine Sawers (Rose Metal Press)
  2. Best Microfiction 2022, Edited by Meg Pokrass (Pelekinesis)
  3. Marlowe's Revenge by Dan Stuart (R&R Press)
  4. Out of Season by Kirk Wilson (Elixir Press)
  5. Everything Is Totally Fine by Zac Smith (Muumuu House)
  6. American Gospel by Miah Jeffra (Black Lawrence Press)
  7. JERKS by Sara Lippmann (Mason Jar Press)
  8. The Enhancers by Anne K. Yoder (Meekling Press)
  9. Thick City by Katie Jean Shinkle (Bull City Press)
  10. A roundtable, unanimous dreamers chime in by Brenda Iijima and Janice Lee (Meekling Press)
  11. The Girl With Twenty Fingers by Kate Mueser (Blackwater Press)
  12. Dineh: An Autobiographical Novel by Ida Maze, Translated by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub (White Goat Press / Yiddish Book Center)
  13. Gossip Girl Fanfic Novel by Charlie Markbreiter (Kenning Editions)
  14. News of the Air by Jill Stukenberg (Black Lawrence Press)
  15. They More Than Burned by Tara Stillions Whitehead (ELJ Editions)
  16. How To Start A Coven by Deirdre Danklin (Variant Literature)
  17. The New Low by Jennifer Lewis (Nomadic Press)
  18. Assia by Sandra Simonds (Noemi Press)
  19. Snaring New Suns, Speculative Works from Hawaiʻi and Beyond, Edited by T. Gammarino, B. Kamaoli Kuwada, D. Kealiʻi MacKenzie, & L. Soto (Bamboo Ridge Press)
  20. Love Chronicles of the Octopodes by Karen An-hwei Lee (Ellipsis Press)

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