1. Here in the Night by Rebecca Turkewitz (Black Lawrence Press)
  2. Hamlet's Children by Richard Kluger (Scarlet Tanager Books)
  3. Down Here We Come Up by Sara Johnson Allen (Black Lawrence Press)
  4. The Legend of El Toron by Dave Greene (Mercury House)
  5. Sift by Alissa Hattman (The 3rd Thing)
  6. The Anchored World: Flash Fairy Tales and Folklore by Jasmine Sawers (Rose Metal Press)
  7. The Flounder by John Fulton (Blackwater Press)
  8. Best Microfiction 2023, Edited by Gary Fincke & Meg Pokrass, Guest Edited by Deb Olin Unferth (Pelekinesis)
  9. But Now Am Found by Patricia Horvath (Black Lawrence Press)
  10. Pinball Wizard by Michael D. Meloan (IF SF Publishing)
  11. Gossip Girl Fanfic Novella by Charlie Markbreiter (Kenning Editions)
  12. The Formation of Calcium by M.S. Coe (Spurl Editions)
  13. The Glatstein Chronicles by Jacob Glatstein, Translated by Maier Deshell and Norbert Guterman (White Goat Press)
  14. In Many Ways by Emily Simon (Winter Editions)
  15. Char Siu by Scott Kikkawa (Bamboo Ridge Press)
  16. Assia by Sandra Simonds (Noemi Press)
  17. What She Takes Away by Adele Annesi (Bordighera Press)
  18. Cheap Therapist Says You're Insane by Parker Young (Future Tense Books)
  19. Bridge of Knots by C.E. Shue (Gold Line Press)
  20. The Pain of Pleasure by Amy Grace Loyd (Roundabout Press)

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