JUNE - JULY 2023
  1. Social Change Now: A Guide for Reflection and Connection by Deepa Iyer (Thick Press)
  2. The Forgotten Singer: The Exiled Sister of I.J. and Isaac Bashevis Singer by Maurice Carr (White Goat Press)
  3. What Water Holds by Tele Aadsen (Empty Bowl)
  4. I'm Afraid That I Know Too Much About Myself Now, To Go Back To Who I Knew Before, And Oh Lord, Who Will I Be After I've Known All That I Can? by Exodus Oktavia Brownlow (ELJ Editions)
  5. The Coming Mental Range by Will Alexander (Litmus Press)
  6. Faltas: Letters to Everyone in My Hometown Who Isn't My Rapist by Cecilia Gentili (LittlePuss Press)
  7. Hole Studies by Hilary Plum (Fonograf Editions)
  8. You're the Woods Too by Dennis James Sweeney (Essay Press)
  9. A Love Letter by Carmen Kennedy (Nomadic Press)
  10. I|I by Katherine Indermaur (Hobart & William Smith College Press / Seneca Review Books)
  11. A Time When Not Very Much Happened by Tetra Balestri (Smoke Specs)
  12. Ask for Horses: Memoir of a Dream-Guided Life by Tina Tau (Kelson Books)
  13. Weaving Language I: Lexicon by Francesca Capone (Essay Press)
  14. Bloodtide: A New Holiday in Homage to Horseshoe Crabs by Eli Nixon (The 3rd Thing)
  15. The Uses of Art by Sal Randolph (dispersed holdings)
  16. Sweet Nothing by Kazim Ali (Spout Press)
  17. North Country: A Pedagogical Almanac by Carolyn Dekker (Black Lawrence Press)
  18. A Sturdy Yes of a People: Selected Writings by Joan Nestle (Sinister Wisdom)
  19. Wonder Travels: a memoir by Josh Barkan (Roundabout Press)
  20. Thick Skin: Field Notes from a Sister in the Brotherhood by Hilary Peach (Anvil Press)


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