APRIL 2021

  1. Arena by Lauren Shapiro (Cleveland State University Poetry Center)
  2. Wild Peach by S*an D. Henry-Smith (Futurepoem Books)
  3. that's what you get by Sheila Maldonado (Brooklyn Arts Press)
  4. Glaring by Benjamin Krusling (Wendy's Subway)
  5. Rough Song by Blanca Varela (The Song Cave)
  6. Phone Bells Keep Ringing for Me by Choi Seungja (Action Books)
  7. The Nancy Reagan Collection by Maxe Crandall (Futurepoem Books)
  8. More Rocks by Stephen Ratcliffe (Cuneiform Press)
  9. Katabasis by Lucia Estrada (Eulalia Books)
  10. Rappin' With Ten Thousand Carabaos in the Dark (Expanded Edition) by Al Robles (UCLA Asian American Studies Center)
  11. Salat by Dujie Tahat (Tupelo Press)
  12. Minerva the Miscarriage of the Brain by Johanna Hedva (Wolfman Books/Sming Sming Books)
  13. Perigee Moon by Margaret Chula (Red Mountain Press)
  14. Knees of a Natural Man: The Selected Poetry of Henry Dumas, Henry Dumas and Eugene B. Redmond, Editors (Flood Editions)
  15. 101 Jewish Poems for the Third Millennium, Matthew E. Silverman and Nancy Naomi Carlson, Editors (Ashland Poetry Press)
  16. FPO by Kevin Davies (Edge Books)
  17. Freedom & Prostitution by Cassandra Troyan (The Elephants)
  18. Women in the Waiting Room by Kirun Kapur (Black Lawrence Press)
  19. Dream Boat by Shelley Feller (Cleveland State University Poetry Center)
  20. The Voices & Other Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Kristofor Minta (Sublunary Editions)



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