APRIL 2021

  1. Returning the Sword to the Stone by Mark Leidner (Fonograf Editions)
  2. Edinburgh Notebook by Valerie Mejer Caso, translated by Michelle Gil-Montero (Action Books)
  3. On the Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing 50th Anniversary Edition Edited by Benjamin Estes and Joel Weishaus (The Song Cave)
  4. All Morning the Crows by Meg Kearney (The Word Works)
  5. Home is Where You Queer Your Heart Edited by A. White, M. Jeffra, & M. Mero-Williams (Foglifter Press)
  6. Collected Poems: Harry Mathews by Harry Mathews (Sand Paper Press)
  7. Embarrassments by Graham Foust (Flood Editions)
  8. Outgoing Vessel by Ursula Andkjaer Olsen, translated by Katrine Ogaard Jensen (Action Books)
  9. The Combustion Cycle by Will Alexander (Roof Books)
  10. Greyhound by Aeon Ginsberg (Noemi Press)
  11. Wild Peach by S*an D. Henry-Smith (Futurepoem Books)
  12. Mask for Mask by JD Scott (New Rivers Press)
  13. Besiege Me by Nicholas Wong (Noemi Press)
  14. Festivals of Patience: The Verse Poems of Arthur Rimbaud by Arthur Rimbaud, translated by Brian Kim Stefans (Kenning Editions)
  15. forget thee by Ian Dreiblatt (Ugly Duckling Presse)
  16. Nous by Joseph Harms, illustrations by C. Winn Mahoney (IF SF Publishing)
  17. Hearing by Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino (Litmus Press)
  18. What Pecan Light by Hannah VanderHart (Bull City Press)
  19. Pine by Julia Koets (Southern Indiana Review Press)
  20. Risking It by Sylvia Pollack (Red Mountain Press)



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