JULY 2022

  1. Punks: New & Selected Poems by John Keene (The Song Cave)
  2. Late Life by Stephen Ackerman (Silverfish Review Press)
  3. As I Said: A Dissent by Abby Minor (Ricochet Editions)
  4. The Exodus by Kennia Lopez (Tolsun Books)
  5. The Maybe-Bird by Jennifer Elise Foerster (The Song Cave)
  6. What Follows by H.R. Webster (Black Lawrence Press)
  7. Warriors for Justice: Our Future Has Its Eyes on You, Edited by Michaela Mullin (Nomadic Press)
  8. Refuse to Disappear by Tara Betts (The Word Works)
  9. The Totality Cantos by Brian Ang (Atelos)
  10. The Bitter Seasons' Whip: The Complete Poems of Lee Yuk Sa by Lee Yuk Sa, Translated by Sekyo Nam Haines (Tolsun Books)
  11. Good Actors by Sommer Browning (Birds, LLC)
  12. A Collaborative Research Poem: Performing a List...From A to Z and back again, Edited by The Aesthetics Group (AC Books)
  13. Defying Extinction by Amy Barone (Broadstone Books)
  14. Shekhinah Speaks by Joy Ladin (selva oscura press)
  15. Ghost Radio by Mark Lanegan and Wesley Eisold (Heartworm Press)
  16. Place by Alexei Perry Cox (Noemi Press)
  17. Book of Entangled Souls by Richard St. John (Broadstone Books)
  18. Painting the Streets: Oakland Uprising in the Time of Rebellion, Edited by Michaela Mullin (Nomadic Press)
  19. The Hidden Eye of Things by Peter O'Leary (The Cultural Society)
  20. A Prayer For A Non-Religious Autistic by Lucas Scheelk (Mason Jar Press)
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