Green Integer Sale

Green Integer

With a heavy heart, SPD says goodbye this month to Green Integer/Sun &
Moon, whose terrific books will continue to be well-represented by and
available at Consortium Book Sales & Distribution.

While many G.I./Sun & Moon titles are no longer in our warehouse,
there are a number of somewhat older books still in stock at SPD that
the publisher has generously agreed to offer at a stunning discount of
75% off. This is the perfect time to round out your Green Integer/Sun
& Moon collection with some titles that may soon be rather hard to

For the next month, take 75% off any Green Integer or Sun & Moon title
you can find in stock at SPD!

  Sale Ends March 15, 2015


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Here's just a few recommendations to get you started:

Ray DiPalma's Numbers & Tempers: Selected Early Poems
James Sherry's Our Nuclear Heritage
Aeschylus's The Persians
Susana Thenon's Distancias/Distances
Tom Mandel's Letters of the Law
Ronald Firbank's Santal
Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure
Gilbert Sorrentino's The Orangery
Mac Wellman's The Land Beyond the Forest: Dracula and Swoop
Charles North's New and Selected Poems
Thomas Mann's Six Early Stories
Jean Donnelly's Anthem
Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Fiona Templeton's Delirium of Interpretations
Dominic Cheung's Drifting
Arno Schmidt's Radio Dialogs II
Arthur Schnitzler's Dream Story (the source for the film Eyes Wide Shut)
Mark Wallace's Temporary Worker Rides a Subway
Barrett Watten's Progress/Under Erasure
Deborah Meadow's Representing Absence
Olivier Cadiot's Colonel Zoo
Xue Di's Across Borders
Yuri Olyesha's Envy
Balzac's The Vicar's Passion
Therese Bachand's Luce a Cavallo
Blaise Cendras's Films Without Images
Thomas Transtromer's The Sorrow Gondola
Nelly Sachs's Collected Poems I: 1944-1949

(many more are available, just go searching!)

  Sale ends March 15, 2015


code:   GREEN


 + A Little History +

SPD and Douglas Messerli have a long, shared history. It goes back to
at least 1983 when Sun & Moon first appears in the SPD catalog (you
can see an image of that catalog below). In many ways, the reputations
of Sun & Moon and SPD grew in tandem. In the mid-1980s, new books of
poetry by Clark Coolidge were frequently at the top of SPD's
bestseller lists; in 1986 Sun & Moon brought out Solution Passage, an
early selected by Coolidge, to great fanfare. The next year Sun &
Moon published another early bestseller for both the press and SPD:
the second edition of Lyn Hejinian's My Life. It offered 45 sections
instead of the original 37 published in 1980 by Burning Deck and soon
garnered a great deal of positive attention and praise. Charles
Bernstein's The Sophist was brought out that same year and also had a
very strong impact. And that's just the poetry! Meanwhile, Sun &
Moon was bringing out translations, reissues of vital but under-read
classics, and works of contemporary fiction that rivaled the list of
any press in the US.

Spring catalog 1983

Throughout the next decades Sun & Moon (later Green Integer) would
bring out new publishing projects with increasing frequency while
always maintaining a tremendous sense of editorial fidelity to quality
literary work. Readers of modernist classics of the avant-garde, readers of
international work, readers of contemporary American experimental
fiction, and of course readers of contemporary poetry will forever owe
a debt to Douglas Messerli.

We at SPD wish him and Green Integer the best.


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