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Thanks to generous support from the James Irvine Foundation, SPD has been helping our publishers
convert many of our cutting-edge print books by California presses and authors into ebooks!
For now, please order these SPD ebooks directly from your favorite ebook provider, including:
and elsewhere!
SPD’s Best-Selling Ebook!
The Paper Chase


THE PAPER CHASE is one of the most important books ever written
about legal education in the United States”
—Robert Clark, former Dean of The Harvard Law School
Other Best-Selling SPD Ebooks:
Sitt Marie Rose | Etel Adnan | The Post-Apollo Press
Sitt Marie Rose
by Etel Adnan
Barrio Bushido | Benjamin Bac Sierra | El Leon Literary Arts
Barrio Bushido
by Benjamin Bac Sierra


Are We Not There Yet?: Travels in Nepal, North India, and Bhutan | Chuck Rosenthal | What Books Press
Are We Not There Yet?
Travels in Nepal, North
India and Bhutan
by Chuck Rosenthal 
literary nonfiction
Ambient Parking Lot | Pamela Lu | Kenning Editions
Ambient Parking Lot
by Pamela Lu
Dies: A Sentence | Vanessa Place | Les Figues
Dies: A Sentence
by Vanessa Place
fiction/conceptual writing
Entre Nous: The Goosefoot Chronicles | Lydia Riantee Rand | Wild Ocean Press
Entre Nous:
The Goosefoot Chronicles
by Lydia Riantee Rand
 Babyfucker | Urs Allemann | Les Figues Press
by Urs Allemann


Situationist International Anthology | Ken Knabb, Editor | Bureau of Public Secrets
Situationist International
(Revised and Expanded Edition)
Ken Knabb, Editor
politics / nonfiction
The Mental Traveler | Stephen Kessler | Greenhouse Review Press
 The Mental Traveler
by Stephen Kessler
The Capricious Critic | Ari Martin Samsky | Otis Books | Seismicity Editions
The Capricious Critic
by Ari Martin Samsky

  ...with more coming soon!





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