Tips for Reading SPD Sales & Inventory Reports

Below are some tips for how to read the printed reports SPD sends to its publishers.  Generally, SPD will send three (3) items along with the check (if applicable).  
1) Publisher Statement

The Publisher Statement has a header that names the statement period in question.  For instance, "Publisher Statement 1Q13 (Jan-Mar)" means the statement is reporting royalties up through end of March 2013. NOTE: the royalties for 1Q get processed in July, 2Q get processed in October, 3Q in January, and 4Q in April.  As per the agreement and handbook there is a delay on paying royalties so that SPD has time to try to collect from those sales. As a result, there may be charges and fees on the 1Q13 Jan-March statement all the way up to the moment the statement is processed (again: in July). So if, for example, we charged a $25 new titles fee on July 2, 2013, it will show up on the Publisher Statement 1Q13 (Jan-Mar).

The statement will generally list four line items: New Titles Fee/s, Annual Fee/s, Quarterly Sales, and Quarterly Returns. Quarterly Sales will be in format "1Q13-Sales-(random digits)" while Quarterly Returns will be in format "1Q13-Returns-(random digits)". Other charges may be listed on your statement, including optional marketing services you signed up for. Contact to ask about any charges you don't understand or recognize.

2) Quarterly Sales Report


Along with the Statement, we will send a detailed line report of the books sold in the most recent quarter that has been processed. NOTE: if we are paying you for more than one quarter of sales, it can happen that you might only receive the most recent quarterly report, or otherwise might be missing quarterly sales reports. Please contact to request an Excel file of any missing quarters.

The Quarterly Sales Reports do not separate returns from gross sales, as the statement does, but reports net quantity sold and net amount due to you.  However, the amount total on the Quarterly Sales Report should match exactly to that quarter's Sales minus that quarter's Returns as listed on the Publisher Statement.  

3) Inventory Report


We will also send the most recent quarterly inventory report we have available. Pay close attention to the date of the inventory report. For instance, in July we will report on 1Q's sales and royalties in the Publisher Statement and will send 1Q quarterly sales report, but the inventory report *will be for the end of 2Q* (since we are in July when we process 1Q sales we have end-of-2Q inventory report available). If you would like the inventory report for end of 1Q so you can match up the book sales to your own records and do not have it from a previous set of statements, email for that report.

When reading any inventory report, be sure you know when you sent inventory.  Make sure, for instance, that you are not looking for inventory you sent during 2Q on the end-of-1Q inventory report.

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