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Able Muse Press (Canada)
Acre Books

Action Books
Adastra Press
Ad Lumen Press

Adventures in Poetry

Aequitas Books

Aforementioned Productions

Agincourt Press

Ahadada Books (Canada)

Ahsahta Press

Airlie Press


Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers (England)

Almost Island (India)

American Books

Androgyne Books

Anhinga Press


Anomalous Press

Antilever Press

AntiSentimental Society

Anvil Press (Canada)

Apogee Press

Apostrophe Books

Aquarius Press

Arctos Press

Argos Books

Ashland Poetry Press

Astrophil Press


Audubon Terrace Press

Aunt Lute Books

Augury Books

Ausubo Press


Avian Press

Avenue B

Awst Press

Ayin Press

Aztlan Libre Press

The Backwaters Press

Bamberger Books

Bamboo Ridge Press

Barrelhouse Books

Barrow Street Press
Bateau Press

Bear Star Press

Benu Press

Beyond Baroque Press

Big Lucks Books

Big Sky Books

Bilingual Review Press

Bird Dog Publishing

Birds, LLC

Bitingduck Press

Bitter Cherry Books

The Bitter Oleander Press

BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City

Blackberry Books

Black Lawrence Press

Black Ocean

Black Radish Books

Black Square Editions

Black Sun Lit

Blaft Publications (India)

BlazeVOX [books]


Bona Fide Books

BookThug (Canada)

Bootstrap Press

Bordighera Press


Box Turtle Press

Braddock Avenue Books

Brick Books (Canada)

BrightCity Books

Bright Hill Press

Broadstone Books

Bronx Museum/Phoenix Art Museum

Bronx River Press

Brooklyn Arts Press

Browser Books Publishing

Bull City Press

Bureau of Public Secrets

Burning Books

Burning Deck

Burnside Review

C&R Press
Cadmus Editions

Cahuenga Press

Calamari Press
Canarium Books

Cape Ann Museum

Caravel Mystery Books

Cardboard House Press

Carville Annex Press

CDA Press

The Center for the Humanities, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Ceratonia Siliqua Press

ńĆervená Barva Press


Chax Press

Chelsea Editions

Chicago Network for Justice and Peace

China Books

Cider Press Review

Circumference Books

City Lights Publishers

Cleveland State University Poetry Center

Coconut Books


Combo Books




Cool Grove Press

Copper Beech Press

Copper Canyon Press

Cordite Books (Australia)

Counterpath Press

Cracked Slab Books

Creative Arts Book Company

Cross-Cultural Communications


Crown Point Press

The Cultural Society

Cuneiform Press

Cypher Books

Deerbrook Editions

Delete Press


Displaced Press

Dock Street Press

Dr. Cicero Books

Dorothy, a publishing project

Dos Gatos Press

Dos Madres Press

Downstate Legacies

Dracopis Press (Sweden)

Drunken Boat Media

Drunken Boat Media/Ethos Books

Durga Press

Dryad Press

East Bay Municipal Utility District

Edge Books

Edition Muta

Editions Michel Eyquem

Edition Solitude

El León Literary Arts

ElephantEars Press

The Elephants (Canada)

Eleven Eleven

Elis Press

Elixir Press

ELJ Editions

Ellipsis Press

Empty Bowl

Entasis Press

Entre Ríos Books


Equus Press (Czech Republic)

Essay Press

etruscan books (England)

EXIT Press

Eyewear Publishing (UK)

Factory Hollow Press

Factory School

Fairy Tale Review Press

Fast Forward Press

Faux Press


Fiction Advocate

Fifth Planet Press

53rd State Press

The Figures


Five Seasons Press

Flood Editions

Flow Press

Fonograf Editions

Forthcoming Books

42 Miles Press

421 Atlanta

Fourteen Hills Press

Frank/Wynkin de Worde

French Connection Press

Furniture Press Books

Further Other Book Works

Futurepoem Books

Future Tense Books

Garland Press

GenPop Books

Georgetown Review Press

Get Fresh Books, LLC

The Gig

Gnomon Press

Gold Line Press

Gorgeous Notions Press

Gramma Poetry

The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective

Green Lantern Press

Green Mountains Review Books

The Greenfield Review Press

Greenhouse Review Press

Grey Fox

Grid Books

Grolier Poetry Press

Groundhog Poetry Press LLC

The Groundwater Press


Hanging Loose Press

Harbor Mountain Press

The Head & The Hand Press

Hobart & William Smith College Press / Seneca Review Books

Hobblebush Books

Holland Park Press (UK)

Holon Press

Horse Less Press

Host Publications

House of Nehesi Publishers (Caribbean)

Howling Bird Press


Ibis Editions

Iceberg Projects Press

IF SF Publishing

Imprint Press Inc.

Inanna Publications (Canada)

Information as Material


Inkworks Press

Insert Press

Instance Press

Instar Books

Insurance Editions

Intermezzo Press

Invisible Publishing (Canada)

Ithuriel's Spear

Itna Press

ixnay press

Jambu Press

JEF Books

Jensen/Daniels, Publishers

John Gosslee Books

Juan de la Cosa / John of the Thing (Mexico)

Junction Press

Kalina (El Salvador)

Kat Ran Press

Kaya Press

Kasva Press LLC

Kelsey Street Press

Kelson Books

Kenning Editions


Kiwai Media (France)

Koja Press


Kore Press


La Presse

Lavender Ink

Lawson Publishing Ltd (UK)

Leon Works

Leroy Chapbook Series

Les Figues Press

Letter Machine Editions

Libellum Books

Linda Leith Publishing (Canada)


The Literary House Press

Lithic Press

Litmus Press

Litteraria Pragensia Books

Livingston Press

Logosophia, LLC

Long River Press

Lost Roads Publishers

Loyola Marymount University & the Department of English

Luna Bisonte Prods

Lunar Chandelier Press

Luquer Street Press

Lyric& Press

Magic Helicopter Press

Maida Vale Publishing

Make Now Press

Make Now Press / [lx] press


Mango Publishing (UK)

The Mantle

Many Mountains Moving Press

Many Voices Press

Manzanita Writers Press

Marfa Book Company

Marin Poetry Center Press

Marsh Hawk Press

Mawenzi House/TSAR Publishers (Canada)

Mayapple Press


Meeting Eyes Bindery

Membrane Press

The Menard Press

Mercury House

Metatron (Canada)

Metonymy Press (Canada)

Miami University Press

A Midsummer Night's Press

Mimeo Mimeo

Missouri Review Books

Monk Books

Monster House Press

Mount Vision Press

Mouthfeel Press


Muumuu House

Narrow House

Negative Capability Press

National Poetry Foundation

Natural History Press

New Herring Press

New Native Press
New Rivers Press

New Star Books

Nightboat Books

1913 Press

99: The Press

Nirala Publications (India)

Noctuary Press

Nocturnes Editions

Noemi Press

Nomadic Press


NYQ Books

Oblio Press

obnaZHENIe priema
O Books
Octopus Books

Off The Park Press

Ohio Edit

Old Cove Press

ON Contemporary Practice

Open Field Press

The Operating System

Oread Press

Otis Books | Seismicity Editions


Outriders Poetry Project

Oyster Moon Press

PalmArtPress (Germany)

PANK Books

Passager Books

Passing 4 Normal

Past Tents Press

Patmos Press


Peninsula Road Press

Penmanship Books

plain wrap press

Plays Inverse Press

Pleasure Boat Studio

Pleiades Press

Plein Air Editions

Poetic Matrix Press

Poetry Hotel Press

Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs
The Post-Apollo Press


Pressed Wafer

Presses Universitaires de Rouen (France)

Press Otherwise

Publishing Genius Press

Quale Press

Quantum Prose

Quercus Review Press

Racing Form Press

Rail Editions

Rain Mountain Press


RedBone Press

Red Dragonfly Press

Red Dust

The Red Hill Press

Red Letter Press

Red Mountain Press

Redwood Coast Press

Rescue Press

Resonant Books

Ricochet Editions

The Ridgeway Press

Rixdorf Editions (Germany)

Rocky Ledge

Rogue Art (France)

Ronsdale Press (Canada)

Roof Books

Rose Metal Press

Roundabout Press

Rumor Books/Listening Chamber

Sagging Meniscus Press

Sand Paper Press

San Francisco Bay Press

Sator Press

Saturnalia Books

Scablands Books

Scarlet Tanager Books

Scrambler Books

Secretary Press

SeedStar Books

selva oscura press
Señal (Ugly Duckling Presse, BOMB Magazine, Libros Antena)

Sententia Books

Seoul Selection (Korea)

Shade Mountain Press

Shark Books

Shearsman Books (England)

Short Flight/Long Drive Books

Sidebrow Books

Side Street Press

sight | for | sight books

Silverfish Review Press

Singing Horse Press

Six Gallery Press

Sixteen Rivers Press

Skeleton Man

Slapering Hol Press

Slope Editions

Small Doggies Press

Soberscove Press

Solid Objects

The Song Cave

Soultheft Records, Inc.

Southern Indiana Review Press

SplitLevel Texts

Split Shift

Spork Press

Spout Press

SpringGun Press

Spurl Editions

Standing Stone Books

Station Hill Press of Barrytown

Steerage Press

A Strange Object

Straw Gate Books

Subito Press




Swan Scythe Press

Switchback Books


Talisman House, Publishers

The Tangent Press

Tarpaulin Sky Press

Taurean Horn Press

Tavern Books

Tebot Bach

Tender Buttons Press

Test Centre (UK)

theenk Books

There Press

This Press

Thoughtcrime Press

Three Count Pour

3 Hole Press

Three Mile Harbor Press

Tiger Bark Press

Timeless, Infinite Light

Tinderbox Editions

Tinfish Press

Tolsun Books

Tombouctou Books

Trembling Pillow Press

Tres Chicas Books

Trip Street Press

Triton Books

Truck Books

Tupelo Press

Tuumba Press

Twisted Road Publications

UCLA American Indian Studies Center

UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Ugly Duckling Presse

Un-Gyve Press

Unicorn Press

United Artists Books

Upper West Side Philosophers, Inc.


Vala Book Press


Vehicle Editions

Veliz Books

Verge Books

Viz. Inter-Arts


Wave Books
The Waywiser Press (UK)

W.D. Hoffstadt & Sons

Weavers Press

West of West Books

What Books Press

White Deer Books

Whit Press

Wild Ocean Press

Willow Springs Books

Wolfman Books



Word Riot Inc.

The Word Works

World Poetry Books

WriteGirl Publications

Writers' Collective of Kristiania, Inc.

Writing Our World Press

WTAW Press

Xenos Books

YesYes Books


Zone 3 Press

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