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Founded in 1978 in Eugene, Oregon, SRP is a non-profit independent literary organization that for nearly twenty years published the Silverfish Review magazine and poetry chapbooks and now sponsors the Gerald Cable Book Award and other book projects.

The Gerald Cable Book Award was established in 1995 as an annual first-book poetry prize for a full-length collection. We are committed to publishing work by new and established poets and to keeping their books in print.

Silverfish titles have received numerous awards such as the Washington State Book Award from The Washington Center for the Book at The Seattle Public Library, the Towson University Prize for Literature, and the Peace Corps Writers Award for Best Poetry Book, and others. Silverfish Review Press received the 2001 Most Adventurous Publication Award from the Bumbershoot Book Fair.

Member Council of Literary Magazines and Presses since 1978.  Silverfish is edited by Rodger Moody.



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A Scripture of Crows | Charles Goodrich
A Scripture of Crows
Charles Goodrich

"These poems...will change your days, if not your life."
-Kim Stafford
Margaret MacKinnon
"...poem after poem alert to history and family..."
-Gregory Orr
Stubble Field
Paul Hunter
"...these are the poems that show up with a worn tool belt, packing their own lunch."
-Samuel Green


Close By
Gigi Marks
"The more I read these, the closer I feel
to their speaker, which is to say, to myself."
-Julie Carr

The Lessons
Joanne Diaz
"The risks Diaz takes in this beautiful first book
are the profound risks of art and of love"
-Gail Mazur.
Going to Seed
Charles Goodrich
"Goodrich's garden is a teaming, treacherous terrain
of great peril, and even greater earthy delights."
-Gary Young

Best Western
Eric Gudas
"This book is full of terrific, distinctive poems,
and you will love it. It's that simple"
-Tony Hoagland
Light from a Bullet Hole
Ralph Salisbury
"Salisbury's memorable poetry reflects not only his long full life and the Cherokee culture
that has helped shape his vision, it is also a corrective lens
through which we may view anew the story of our American nation."
-Joseph Bruchac
Blue to Fill the Empty Heaven
Joel Friederich
"...transmute[s] everyday grief into a meaningful grace."
-Kellie Wells

Come the Harvest
Paul Hunter
"...looks back to a rural world of outhouses, cash crops, 4-H piglets,
suicide knobs, the top-rail of the fence beside the barn, and above all,
to the families who gave themselves without question to that world."
-Maurice Manning  

The Odds of Being
Daneen Wardrop
"...reading these poems changes the way your mind hears words..."
-Jean Valentine

Paul Hunter
"Hunter's call and recall of an unmechanized world is visionary and realistic."
-Marie Ponsot

What Kills What Kills Us
Kurt S. Olsson
"Olsson's supreme gift lies in his ability to astonish the reader
even as he opens our minds to the state of our own fragile humanity."
-Judith Skillman
The Anteroom of Paradise
Bruce Bond
"Silverfish has reopened the door to THE ANTEROOM OF PARADISE,
and I hope others will enter it to witness and delight in the evolving gifts
of one of our finest poets."
-B. H. Fairchild
Heat Lightning
Judith Skillman
"...a poet who knows every trick in the book
yet never lets on that she's doing anything other than saying
what's in her heart and now yours as well"
--David Kirby
Sleeping Upside Down
Sleeping Upside Down
Kate Lynn Hibbard
"What a debut. It was a gift to have read this wonderful book."
-Garrett Hongo
Any Holy City
Mark Conway
"...laconic but passionate, attentive to the profane as well as the Biblical,
always completely serious and never merely solemn."
-Robert Pinsky
Audrey Bohanan
"LIME is a singular, beautiful book."
--Mark Doty
Circe's Island
Judith Skillman
"Judith Skillman's are dramatic poems, whose power derives from the play of opposing tensions."
--William Dunlop.
A Parade of Hands
James Hoch
"Unlike most first books, experience drives Hoch's poems."
-Michael Collier
Breaking Ground
Paul Hunter
"These poems eloquently evoke the smell and feel of earth."
-John Ashbery
Odd Botany
Thorpe Moeckel
"...he shows us that language is capable of a more expressive response to these things
than most of us ever thought possible."
-David Young
Red Town
Judith Skillman
"I always learn something rare and mysterious about language
and the layered world when I read Judith Skillman."
--Bart Baxter
Inventing Difficulty
Jessica Greenbaum
"A sinewy, vividly intelligent humanity gives to this collection its memorable voice."
-George Steiner
Studying Russian on Company Time
Clemens Starck
What began as a whim, learning the Russian language,
became an obsession for Clemens Starck,
a process by which to fathom a baffling nation.
Dime Store Erotics
Ann Townsend
"She is an intoxicating poet."
-Carol Muske
Love Fugue
Shulamith Wechter Caine
"...she brings a wise restraint, a knowing eye, the composure of an achieved artistry
and an uncorrupted heart."
-Eleanor Wilner
Gary Young
"DAYS is one of those rare books that I will keep beside my bed table for years to come"
--Jay Parini.
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