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SPD's Preferred Printers

These four printers are the ones most commonly used by SPD publishers. We recommend getting quotes and samples from them all and are happy to recommend them and/or talk about them. 

SPD's Preferred Audiobook Producers

These three audiobook producers come recommended by SPD. Please make sure and mention that you are a SPD Distributed client when talking with these vendors. 

  • Book Buddy Media

    Book Buddy has curated a network of talented voice actors working in vetted sound studios around the country to produce affordable and highly professional audio files. Book Buddy Media has more than 10 years of experience in audio production, encompassing projects in virtually every genre. As experts in the field, our team has built a deep talent pool of voice actors around the globe with an incredible range of specialties including nearly any spoken language. Genres include children’s literature, educational nonfiction, textbooks, mystery, self-help, Christian, adventure, romance, and more. BBM’s expert project managers, sound engineers, and wide range of voice talent, combined with our unique “off-site” production, allow us to produce consistent, high-quality, affordable audio products. Ask us about multiple narrators, sound effects, music, and podcasts, too! 

  • Nashville Audio Productions

    Nashville Audio Productions is the premier audiobook studio in Nashville, TN, and has produced hundreds of titles for authors, poets, and publishers big and small. They bring 5+ years of high level industry experience to every project, tapping the studio, engineering and vocal talents that abound in Music City. Their goal is to continue to deliver both the best-sounding audiobooks on the planet and a curated, stress-free customer experience to everyone they work with.
  • Reel Audiobooks

    Reel Audiobooks is an Audie Award-winning, industry-leading audio production firm. We specialize in the post-production of spoken word, such as Audiobooks, Podcasts, and other Audio Stories. As a trusted Studio Partner of Audible Studios, and other esteemed clients such as Rebel Girls, Clean Cuts, and Vanderbilt University Press, we have taken part in the post-production of over 6,000 titles - approximately 60,000+ hours of audio. We are audio people. With unparalleled attention to detail and care for bringing your story to life, we offer every service you need to get your project from recording to retail-ready.

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