Staff Picks (November 2019) 

  Omg, we love small press books! And these are some of our favorites. Now they can be some of your favorites too...if they aren't already. Be sure to check in every month for a new handful to add to your reading many lists.
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 is god is (soho rep special edition | aleshea harris | 3 hole press
recommended by 
e. conner 

I read this after my cousin told me about the first scene. Two sisters, one badly scarred from burning and the other lesser scarred but still scarred, talk candidly about going to see their sick mother. Who they didn't know was alive. She's dying. From this point the play dashes off into a Cain and Abel parable with all the violence outward facing and in the service of God herself. It's bloody and cruel. Like many revenge stories the violence is an entry point into the unbearable vulnerability of intimacy relationships. It's weird and hurts to look at but you know it could happen. It did happen.

 autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist | monica teresa ortiz | host publications
recommended by 
Nich Malone 

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SEMIROMANTIC ANARCHIST is a great book and you should read it. Stop reading this text block and just get the book already. It's absolutely gorgeous but not in that utopia way. In that way that keeps itself grounded in a hellworld our attempts to find hope in always already exists. Easily one of my favorite reads this year.

"we should not apologize / for what we are / never going to be"

 lou sullivan: daring to be a man among men | brice d. smith | transgress press
recommended by 
Janice Worthen 

November is Transgender Awareness Month, and a great way to spend it is in the company of Lou Sullivan, whose existence and activism had a profound effect on the trans community. Lou educated medical professionals about trans men, and more specifically, trans gay men, helping to improve the standard of care for peers and future generations. He built a vital network of trans men, helping people like him feel less isolated. So many times Lou was told people like him didn't exist. His courage to insist otherwise validated the existence and experience of so many others and opened the door for them to say, I too exist. As the "first known FTM AIDS case ever," he educated the LGBT community and "all of the providers with whom he interacted at the AIDS Clinic about what it meant to be trans and about challenges trans people faced." And Lou served and continues to serve as a shining example of living authentically, lonely as that can be at times. Brice D. Smith's biography captures Lou's spirit and so much more. This is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the FTM trans experience. Many thanks to Lou for his work on behalf of the trans community and for recording his amazing and much-too-short life in his diaries, to Brice D. Smith for giving us this excellent biography, and to Ellis Martin, Zach Ozma, and the Nightboat Books team, who recently published We Both Laughed in Pleasure: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan.

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