“SPD is a vital source for those wanting to read books that do not conform to the tastes of the conventional, the corporate, the mass-marketed, the expected.”—Dorothy Wang, Williams College

“For those who teach contemporary writing, there is no better source of course materials than SPD.”—Charles Bernstein, University of Pennsylvania

I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women | Caroline Bergvall, Laynie Browne, Teresa Carmody, and Vanessa Place, Editors Event Factory | Renee GladmanLunar Braceros 2125-2148 | Rosaura Sánchez and Beatrice Pita Somatic Engagement | Petra Kuppers, Editor Khirbet Khizeh | S Yizhar

Desk & Examination Copies

SPD will provide desk copies for books already adopted for a course. Just contact us with the name of the school, the course name and number, and the title of the book. SPD will cover the cost of shipping by Media Mail. For faster delivery, please call us with a credit card number to pay for additional shipping charges.

SPD does not typically provide examination copies before a book has been adopted. If you would like an examination copy, please contact our publishers directly.

Popular and Recommended Books for Classes

Pedagogical Resources


Duration offers out-of-print small press titles in PDF archival format, as well as international authors' profiles for a cross-cultural and multilingual study of contemporary poetry.


Housed at the University of Utah, Eclipse features archival editions of influential small press titles from mid- to late-20th century American poetry.

Electronic Poetry Center

SUNY-Buffalo's Poetics Program was among the first to gather, in this critically acclaimed site, pedagogical and other resources covering a wide range of recent poetries.

Women's Studies Resources

A compendium of links and resources compiled by Karla Tonella at the University of Iowa.


PennSound is an ongoing project, committed to producing new audio recordings and preserving existing audio archives.

Teaching Guides by Aunt Lute

Resources for instructors and students for the study of works by Aunt Lute, notably Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldúa.

Teaching Guides by Litmus Press

Provide resources for instructors and students for the study of works published by Litmus Press, O Books, and The Post-Apollo Press. These free guides offer introductory information as well as detailed lesson planning ideas related to selected titles. 

Open Poetics by Litmus Press

A series of free, digital-critical editions of books in the Litmus Press catalogue, made in collaboration with CUNY's Manifold Scholarship. The titles are made with authors and editors, who curate a selection of contextual resources to accompany titles in the classroom. These materials are open-access and facilitate independent study, rather than provide prescriptive analysis.

Teaching guides 

Bluets by Maggie Nelson

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